Window decorating 101

I have scoured the web to bring you this collection of tips
to inform and inspire you
in the art of window dressing,

A window is a piece of art and should be treated as such..
Based on this principle,
the window dressing acts as the picture frame,
framing the view, enhancing the picture and helping to focus the eye.

The first step would be to establish the purpose of the window,
if it has a beautiful view, then you need to encourage the eye to take it all in.
Use drapery designed to focus the eye toward the centre of the window,
and serve as a frame around it, the dressing must therefore not overpower
or distract from the view..

For example, if your drapes are too bright or dark or
too much of a contrast with the colours in the room,
They simply take away from rather than enhance the view.

Bottom line; if you have a window with an amazing view,
frame it with two equally proportioned drapery panels,
held in place with an equally gorgeous curtain rod and finials.

Check in soon for part 2,
what to do when the view isn’t as fabulous..

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