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Now, what happens if the view is not so fabulous?

Just as we dress ourselves to cover and disguise unflattering parts of our bodies, we can do the same with drapery.
If a window is off center in your room, use drapery panels designed to balance the window.
For example, if the room has a window that is not centered, center the window by using extra wide drapery panels
placed on each side of the window to give the illusion of a centered window
(the panels are hung to cover more wall than window on one side and more window than wall on the opposite side).

What should we do if the picture is not so pretty?
If the window doesn’t have a particularly nice view then the window’s objective turns to the light and we design accordingly.
Allow the light to enter the room but distract from the view using venetian or roller blinds and soft covering with drapery panels, a rod and finials above.
In this situation we can add a few embellishments such as tassels to tie the drapery back and to give the window some curves.

Enjoy the view

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