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Windows are an integral part of any room,

and they will need some type of covering or sooner or later.

You need to make sure the window covering blends with the rest of the room

(or that the room blends with the window décor).

Now let’s see, what is a window treatment?

Is it just something to cover a window with?

Or is it something that decorates the window?

No, it is much more than that.

Window treatments not only provide your windows with function,

but can also be used to enhance and add value to windows.

Turning your window from a necessary element into something more.

Your windows are a very important part of your home,

Providing an opening to the world, bringing in sunlight and air,

and a view to the outside.

Very often they are also an opening from the world to us,

bringing in prying eyes, noise, glaring sunlight and harmful UV-rays.

Even if it has a splendid view, you sometimes need to block that view

to protect from the sun or to get some privacy.

You also want to be able to switch from privacy and sun-control

to sunlight and view easily, how and when you want.

On the other hand, some windows just need that extra little decor

to liven them up (and your whole room).

Window treatments can solve all of these problems and more.

Whether you have one simple window to decorate or many windows to cover,

Allow us to guide you through the process with accurate information and intuitive ideas

for decorating your windows, and everything around them!

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